KIM WOOSEOK Profile: WOOSEOK Facts & Ideal Type:

KIM WOOSEOK (김우석) is a Singer, and Soloist under TOP MEDIA, who made his solo debut on May 25, 2020 with the album “1ST DESIRE “.He’s a former thành viên of UP10TION. He is known for appearing on Produce X 101, and for being a thành viên of the project group X1.

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Official Fandom Name: NIA (니아)Fandom Nickname: Nya
Nya (냐냐)Official fan Colors: –Stage Name: KIM WOOSEOK (김우석) (Formerly known as Wooshin (우신))Birth Name: Kim Woo-Seok (김우석)Nicknames: Desert Fox, Jjallang (Dokinchan), Daejeon Kitty, Hip
Hop Kitten
Birthday: October 27th, 1996Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Chinese Sign: Rat
Height: 173 centimet (5’8″)Weight: 54kg (119 lbs)Blood Type: BNationality: Korean
kws_official_Youtube: Kim Wooseok 김우석 Official 

WOOSEOK Facts:– Wooseok’s birthplace is Daedeok-gu, Daejeon, South Korea.– He is an only child.– Wooseok dropped out of school for his thorough plan of becoming a barista. He later on did a qualification exam.– While working at a part-time job, he was casted by JYP.– He decided to lớn enter the entertainment industry after seeing his mother cry.– He graduated from Dong Ah Institute of truyền thông media and Arts, with Major in K-pop and Acting.– Education: Global Cyber University (Broadcast and Entertainment Department).– He can speak basic Chinese.– Wooseok likes drawing comics and playing clip games.– He has a big scar on his right hand that he got during art class. (2019 Birthday Vlive)– His skills are singing, composing, và writing lyrics.– His hobbies are watching movies, drawing, reading poetry, and discovering restaurants.– Wooseok thinks his left side looks better than the right.– Although he insists he is ENFP, his MBTI results showed he is INTP-A.– He has severe mèo allergy.– He is also allergic to contact lenses & cannot wear them for long periods of time.– Wooseok’s #1 favorite food is chicken feet.– At night, he likes to lớn eat chicken feet, sea eels, & sashimi.– He can eat anything as long as it looks good.– Wooseok had bad eyesight before he did LASIK in 2019. He wrote a long letter on X1’s Fancafe saying goodbye khổng lồ his squinting eyes.– His role mã sản phẩm is Park Hyo shin.– He enjoys listening to lớn ballads.– He is the first male mã sản phẩm of the beauty brand Clio, the only mã sản phẩm of the beauty platform Wallavu, và the first muse of the basic cosmetic brand Byecom.– Wooseok’s waist is 27 inches (68.6 cm)– Other than UP10TION/X1 members, Wooseok is also really close with ATEEZ‘s Jongho, VICTON‘s Byungchan, và former Madtown member Daewon.– Wooseok has a Pomeranian named Maison Ddadda (Full Name) và a Bichon Frise named Maison Ppoppo.– Wooseok has his own personal reality show named “Wooseok’s Unboxing”. (Season 1 & 2)– In 2020, Wooseok made his acting debut as the male lead of Playlist’s Web-drama “Twenty
Twenty”.– His Motto: “When the tree wishes to be calm, the wind doesn’t stop blowing. When the child wishes khổng lồ be filial, the parents are no longer there.” (Ha Sungwoon’s Midnight Idol Radio 2019)– WOOSEOK’s Ideal Type: “Someone who is fresh và pure and has a refreshing look with a very dễ thương smile”. (Wooshin-Heather Diary 2017)

UP10TION (2015-2023)– He debuted as a thành viên of UP10TION on September 10, 2015, under T.O.P Media.– Wooseok was the first thành viên to join the group through the group’s pre-debut program “Masked Rookie King”.– He was a trainee for a year.– Wooseok was UP10TION’s chic boy.– He was an MC alongside I.O.I’s Somi on SBS’s The Show.– In 2017, he took nearly a year long of hiatus due to worsening mental health.– He came back from his hiatus in 2018 for UP10TION’s first full album Invitation.– He used the stage name Wooshin under UP10TION.– On January 10, 2020, TOP truyền thông media announced Wooseok would continue using Kim Wooseok (the name he used during Producex101) as his stage name.– Although officially a member, since 2020 Wooseok promoted as a soloist only.– On February 28, 2023 T.O.P truyền thông media announced that Up10tion will continue as a 7-member boy group, implying that Wooseok already silently left the group.

Produce X 101 (2019)– Wooseok consistently ranked in vị trí cao nhất 10 during the entire show.– He ranked 1st during the second elimination ceremony.– Wooseok was chosen as the 2nd most handsome trainee on the show.– He was a center candidate for X1MA (Producex101 theme song).– Wooseok earned the nickname Royal Center for his position during each round of evaluation.– In the final episode, Wooseok ranked 2nd, receiving a total of 1,304,033 votes và making it khổng lồ X1.– People with Wooseok as their 1-pick referred to themselves as Jjallangdan (Unofficial fandom name).– Kim Woo Seok’s intro video.– All of Wooseok’s Produce X 101 videos.

X1 (2020-2021)– He was in charge of introducing X1 songs.– Wooseok introduced himself as “X1’s Everything”– He made almost all X1 members big fans of chicken feet.– Wooseok alongside the other X1 members were on hiatus for two months due to lớn the show’s voting manipulation scandal.

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He"s my bias in UP10TION He"s among my favorite members in UP10TION, but not my bias He"s my ultimate bias He"s alright He is among my least favorite members in UP10TION

Have you seen these childhood pictures of top Media"s Kim Woo
Seok that were recently spreading online?

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Ever wondered how "Produce X 101" Kim Woo
looks lượt thích when he was younger?

Recently, pictures of him when he was younger spread online! Fans estimated that the pictures looked lượt thích they were taken around when he was still in middle school.





They noticed how he had a rather "unique" hairstyle back then. Some even suggested that the particular hairstyle was considered lớn be trendy & almost every boy of the same age had that hairstyle.



Currently, Kim Woo
Seok is ranked 1st on Mnet for the 8th week ranking.

Are you supporting Kim Woo

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Even if all actors and actresses cast for K-Dramas are good, some are especially outstanding in some roles or story genres. Also, we can"t help but think of some people when we first discover or hear about some dramas. And now is your time lớn also choose your dream cast by voting for each of those K-Dramas" dream cast suggestions.

We"ve made plenty of potential "Dream Cast" on, you can now take a look at all of them, và participate in the votes!

1. "Bastard" Dream Cast

Webtoon Summary: Seon
Woo Jin, is a young boy who inadvertently becomes an accomplice khổng lồ a serial murderer, who also happens to be his father. However, when his father makes his girlfriend, Yoon Kyun, his next target, Jin is determined to fight back.

Some dream cast contestants: Um Ki
, Park Hae
, Jung Ji
So, Park Ji


Dream Cast: 6 Actors Who Would Be Perfect For The Upcoming Webtoon-Based K-Drama "Bastard" Alongside Park Ji

2. "Do You Remember Me?" Dream Cast

Webtoon Summary: A young woman named Lee Ji
Hyun, once dreamed of becoming a fashion columnist, but life had other plans. Presently, she works at a celebrity gossip trang web in the big city. She"s overworked and barely has any time for herself, so much so that she ties her hair with a bulldog clip. As she turns 30, her world is turned upside down when she finds out about her favorite celebrity Ha
Neul"s new relationship with a motorsports model, Choo Ah

Some dream cast contestants: Go Ara, Chae Soo
Bin, NCT"s Jae
Hyun, INFINITE"s L...


Dream Cast: 9 Actors Who Would Be Perfect For The K-Drama Adaptation Of Romance Manga "Do You Remember Me?"KDRAMA STORIESFeb 2, 2023

3. "Dear Actresses" Dream Cast

Webtoon Summary: A young college student Han Cho
Won is heartbroken over her ex-boyfriend So Woo
Joo, & is having a difficult time navigating her feelings. She is suddenly possessed by the soul of the beloved actress phụ vương Eugene, known as the "Nation"s Goddess", who is in a coma from an accident that she has no memory of. Lớn find out the truth about her accident, Eugene directs Cho
Won towards acting, where she is perceived as a copycat of phụ thân Eugene and looked down upon by Gong Yeon
Jun, an actor with national prestige. Even though she is embarrassed in front of So Woo
Joo, who is also an actor, through ups & downs, trials và tribulations, Han Cho
Won discovers her own knack for acting, develops her quality style, and becomes a lovely actress in her own right. At the same time, with Cho
Won"s help, Eugene gets closer to lớn finding out the reason why she is in a coma.

Some dream cast contestants: Jin Ki
Joo, Go Min
Si, Yoo In
Na, Shin Hae
Sun, Park Ji
Hoon, WEi"s Yo


Dream Casting: 12 Actors/Idols We Think Would Be Perfect For The Cast Of Upcoming Webtoon Based K-Drama "Dear Actresses"KDRAMA STORIESOct 13, 2022

4. "A Good Day to lớn Be A Dog" Dream Cast

Drama Summary: “A Good Day khổng lồ Be A Dog” is an unpredictable fantasy romance drama about a woman who is cursed to turn into a dog when she is kissed & a man who can break the curse but is afraid of dogs.

Some dream cast contestants: Kim Hye
Yoon, Kim Se
Jeong, Lee Sung
Kyoung, Park Bo
Gum, Park Hyung


Dream Casting: 10 Korean Actresses/K-Pop Idols Who Would Be Perfect As The Female Lead Han Ha
Na In "A Good Day khổng lồ Be A Dog" Alongside ASTRO"s thân phụ Eun


Find Out Koreans Desired Cast For Remake Of Popular Webtoon “A Good Day lớn Be A Dog”KDRAMA STORIESApr 8, 2019

5. "A Compendium Of Ghosts" Dream Cast

Webtoon Summary: A young girl, Se
Jin, who has the ability lớn see supernatural entities, & her friend, Sang, a rather cowardly huntsman, ends up being followed by one. Se
Jin & Sang have a black mèo x golden retriever dynamic.

Some dream cast contestants: Kim So
Hyun, Han So
Hee, Chae Jong
, Lee Do


Dream Casting: 8 Actors/Idols We Think Would Be Perfect For The Upcoming K-Drama Adaptation Of Popular Webtoon "A Compendium Of Ghosts"KDRAMA STORIESSep 14, 2022

6. "Alice In Borderland" Korean Remake Dream Cast

Drama Summary: Japanese drama that follows a group of players as they face death in numerous "games" where they must either participate or die by default. Japan, as we know it, has been transformed into an arena, và life has been turned upside down. Amidst this chaos, a few resilient players fight for survival, making terrible sacrifices and experiencing heartbreaking loss in the process.

Some dream cast contestants: GOT7"s Jin
Young, Han So
Hee, Park Ji


"Alice In Borderland" Dream Casting: Actors/Idols Perfect For A Korean Remake Of The Popular J-Drama

7. "Time mô tả House" Dream Cast

Webtoon Summary: A lovely young woman Yoon Do
Ah, has just landed her dream job as a writer at a broadcasting company and is more than elated to lớn begin a new chapter of her life. Little did she know, her parents are also looking forward to lớn a new beginning because they are getting divorced. Upon finding out that both of her parents have lovers of their own, Do
Ah decides khổng lồ find a new place khổng lồ live. Luckily, she stumbles upon an affordable giới thiệu house but there"s something off about the place.

Some dream cast contestants: Kim You
Jung, tuy nhiên Kang, Kim Min
Gue, Seo Ji


Dream Casting: 12 Actors/Idols We Think Would Be Perfect For The Main Roles In The Upcoming Webtoon Based K-Drama "Time cốt truyện House"KDRAMA STORIESJul 6, 2022

8. "Is It A Coincidence?" Dream Cast

Webtoon Summary: Back in middle school, Hong
Ju was Hoo
Young"s first love but she would pass on love notes khổng lồ him from her friends with not the slightest clue about his feelings. 10 years later, they meet on a blind date where Hong
Ju introduces herself, and Hoo
Young recognizes her at once. As it turns out, both Hong
Ju & Hoo
Young had come for a blind date, but they had their respective partners mixed up. The two resume their separate dates, but the encounter leaves Hoo
Young wondering whether it was just a coincidence that he met Hong
Ju after such a long time.

Some dream cast contestants: Ahn Hyo
Seop, 2PM"s Taec
Yeon, SF9"s Ro


Dream Casting: 5 Actors/Idols We Think Would Be Perfect For The Role Of The Male Lead Kang Hoo
Young In Webtoon Based K-Drama "Is It A Coincidence?" Reportedly Starring Kim So

9. "The 26th Murder" Dream Cast

Webtoon Summary: An arrogant serial killer who is caught và sentenced to lớn the death penalty but suddenly loses his memory to a concussion a day before his execution. The narrative thus explores the moral dilemmas of crime & punishment & the judicial structures governing the same through the lens of a suspense mystery as we grapple with the possibility of a murderer lying about his amnesia to lớn get out of death row or alternatively, him genuinely having forgotten all his sins. If the latter is true, does that absolve him from his crimes, and if not, will a psychopath roam free?

Some dream cast contestants: Choi Woo
Shik, UP10TION"s Kim Woo

Dream Casting: 6 Actors/Idols We Think Would Be Perfect For The Role Of Jang Pil
Doo In Upcoming Webtoon Based K-Drama "The 26th Murder"KDRAMA STORIESMay 31, 2022

10. "House Of The Dragon" Dream Cast

Series Summary: "House of the Dragon" is the newly famous show by HBO, the prequel of the worldwide known "Game of Thrones". "House of the Dragon" tells the story of House Targaryen, ruler of Westeros và dragon rider. The plot takes place 172 years before the birth of Daenerys Targaryen, who will be one of the central characters of the series "Game of Thrones".

Some dream cast contestants: Seo Yea
Ji, Kim Hye
Soo, Song Kang


Dream Casting: Which K-Celebs Should Play In "House Of The Dragon"?

11. "Back to You" Dream Cast

Webtoon Summary: Ha
Young, is an unassuming young girl who strongly believes that the boy who keeps appearing in her dreams is the one she is destined khổng lồ be with. This boy is Jae
Hyun, a popular classmate and neighbor who seems to notice everyone but her. To Jae
Hyun, Ha
Young is not a friend or a lover but rather just a girl he knows, & that apparent indifference is enough to lớn deter Ha
Young from approaching him. Nevertheless, Jae
Hyun is Ha
Young"s first love, & her heart remains unchanged.

Some dream cast contestants: Park Eun
Bin, Kang Daniel, WOODZ...


Dream Casting: 9 Actors/Idols We Think Would Be Perfect For The Upcoming K-Drama Adaptation Of Popular Romance Webtoon "Back to You"KDRAMA STORIESMay 6, 2022

12. "Now I"m Taking A Break From Dating" Dream Cast

Webtoon Summary: Two young individuals who used khổng lồ be schoolmates, each going through rough patches in their lives in terms of love, bumping into each other, và unlearning their trauma through getting lớn know each other"s sincere feelings.

Some dream cast contestants: Moon Ga
, Kim Sae
Ron, BTS"s V, Lee Jae


12 Actors Who Would Be Perfect In The Drama Adaptation Of The Popular Webtoon "Now I"m Taking A Break From Dating"KDRAMA STORIESAug 18, 2021

13. "Gorae Byul - The Gyeongseong Mermaid" Dream Cast

Webtoon Summary: "Gorae Byul - The Gyeongseong Mermaid" is phối in the independent movements during the Japanese colonial era. The lead character Su
A is a servant in a pro-Japanese household. At the beach, she met Eui
Hyeon who had jumped into the sea after being shot by the Japanese police.

Some dream cast contestants: Kim Hyang
Gi, Kim Tae
Ri, Lee Jong
Suk, Yoo Seung
Ho, Woo Do
Hwan, mãng cầu In


28 Actors Who Would Be Perfect In The Drama Adaptation Of Webtoon "Gorae Byul - The Gyeongseong Mermaid"KDRAMA STORIESJul 22, 2021

14. "The Remarried Empress" Dream Cast

Webtoon Summary: "The Remarried Empress" tells the romance of the perfect empress of the Eastern Empire named Navier. The Emperor was not planning lớn keep her as an Empress anymore so she decides lớn choose to lớn divorce him & to be an Empress elsewhere.

Some dream cast contestants: Seo Yea
Ji, Ju Ji
Hoon, Seo Kang
Joon, Lee Yu


Find Out Koreans Desired Cast For Adaptation Of Webtoon "The Remarried Empress"KDRAMA STORIESOct 13, 2020

15. "Seasons Of Blossom" Dream Cast

Drama Summary: “Seasons Of Blossom” is a youth drama that follows the story of 18-year-olds with their own secrets và the sweet two-tone romances they create.

Some dream cast contestants: Kim Hye
Yoon, Park Ji
Hoon, ASTRO"s Moon


16 Actors Who Would Be Perfect In The Drama Adaptation Of Webtoon "Seasons Of Blossom"KDRAMA STORIESNov 10, 2021

16. "True Beauty" Dream Cast

Drama Summary: It tells the romantic comedy story of Ju
Gyeong who has a complex about her appearance & who turns into a goddess thanks to makeup và of Su
Ho who keeps hidden scars. The two met & by sharing their secrets they grow and restore their self-esteem.

Some dream cast contestants: Chae Soo
Bin, Kwon Hyun
, Min Do


5 Actors That Would Be Perfect As Han Seo
Joon With ASTRO"s thân phụ Eun
Woo In "True Beauty"KDRAMA STORIESApr 27, 2020


5 Actresses That Would Be Perfect With ASTRO"s cha Eun
Woo In "True Beauty"KDRAMA STORIESApr 24, 2020


Find Out Koreans Desired Cast For Adaptation Of Popular Webtoon "True Beauty"KDRAMA STORIESJan 17, 2019

17. "Weak Hero" Dream Cast

Drama Summary: “Weak anh hùng Class 1” is a story about Yeon Si
Eun, a seemingly fragile đứng đầu 1% mã sản phẩm student, who fights violence inside và outside the school with his natural smarts and analysis skills.

Some dream cast contestants: Stray Kids" I.N, ATEEZ"s Seong
Hwa, Kwon Hyun
, Hwang In


Here Are 11 Actors/Idols Who Would Be Perfect For The Drama Adaptation Of The Popular Webtoon "Weak Hero"KDRAMA STORIESSep 10, 2021

18. "The Girl Downstairs" Dream Cast

Drama Summary: “The Girl Downstairs,” tells the story of Idol Lee Doo
Na, who suddenly chooses to retire, & Lee Won
Joon, a freshman in college, living in the same nói qua house.

Some dream cast contestants: tuy nhiên Kang, BTS"s Jung


4 Actors/Idols Who Would Be Perfect For The Role Of Lee Joon In "The Girl Downstairs" Alongside Suzy

19. "Delusion" Dream Cast

Webtoon Summary: The story is based in 1935 in Gyeongseong where a struggling artist Yun Iho has just received a strange commission from the strange và reclusive Madam song Jeong
Hwa. No one has seen her face lớn face but it is assumed that she is an elderly woman from the aging portraits she has displayed of her. In order lớn have her portrait painted, Madam tuy vậy allows Iho khổng lồ look at her but much khổng lồ his surprise, it is a young woman who hasn"t aged a day over her twenties.

Some dream cast contestants: Lee Dong
Wook, Lee Jae
Wook, Seo Yea
Ji, Krystal Jung...


Here Are 8 Actors Who Would Be Perfect For The K-Drama Adaptation Of Popular Vampire Thriller Webtoon "Delusion"KDRAMA STORIESSep 16, 2021

20. "The Moon That Rises In The Day" Dream Cast

Webtoon Summary: It is a story about a man whose time has stopped & a woman whose time flows. It is not a simple love story but a ‘romance thriller’. It will show the conflict between the past và the present.

Some dream cast contestants: Chae Soo
Bin, Lee Joon
Gi, Yoo Seung


4 Actresses Who Would Be Perfect As The Female Lead Kang Young
Hwa In The Webtoon Based Drama "The Moon That Rises In The Day" Kim Young
Dae Is In Talks For


Find Out The Cast That Koreans Want For “The Moon That Rises In The Day” Webtoon Remake

21. "See You In My 19th Life" Dream Cast

Drama Summary: “See You In My 19th Life” is a drama that follows a reckless romance of a woman who remembers her past lives and is living her 19th life.

Some dream cast contestants: Seo Kang
Joon, Ji Chang


6 Actors Who Would Be Perfect For The Role Of Moon Seo
Ha In The Upcoming Webtoon Based Drama "See You In My 19th Life"KDRAMA STORIESJan 4, 2022

22. "There Must Be Happy Endings" Dream Cast

Webtoon Summary: This webtoon combines the complexities of contract marriage with the even more intense & interesting topic of time travel & reincarnation. The leading characters are Yeo
Nu & Seon
Jae. These two characters enter into a contract marriage out of certain obligations but as most contract marriages go, neither of them seems to lớn be happy in this made-up relationship. Yeo
Nu painfully endures the pressures from Seon
Jae"s family và quietly suffers each day until one day, she decides khổng lồ divorce him.

Some dream cast contestants: im Soo
Hyang, SHINee"s Min
Ho, Seo Kang


Here Are 8 Actors That Would Be Perfect For The Drama Adaptation Of The Popular Webtoon "There Must Be Happy Endings"KDRAMA STORIESJul 28, 2021

23. "Hash"s Shinru" Dream Cast

Webtoon Summary: "Hash"s Shinru" is a historical drama that tells the story of a mysterious woman Hae Roo, who can see the future. After being rescued by an old man from a life of starvation & bullying, she is raised by him until she reaches adulthood. However, she is forced khổng lồ become a fugitive by circumstances and finds herself hiding away. One day, while she is being chased by government officials, she comes across a mysterious scholar Lee Hyang who believes that the most difficult battles are won by brains & not brawn. He is an extremely clever và learned genius who has a passion for astronomy. He makes her sign a contract in return for hiding her, declaring once and for all that Hae Roo is "his". Upon this encounter, the wheel of Hae Roo"s fortune begins lớn turn again as her fate becomes intertwined with Lee Hyang.

Some dream cast contestants: IU, Jung So


4 Actresses Who Would Be Perfect For The Role Of The Female Lead Hae Roo In The Upcoming Drama "Hash’s Shinru" Kim Seon
Ho Is In Talks For

24. "Borrowed Body" Dream Cast

Drama Summary: “The Borrowed Body” is a fantasy mystery academy drama depicting the commotion that occurs as the bodies change between Lee Sang
Yoo, who is framed & is hated by all students, và insider, Gi Da
Rim, a popular student who is good at studying và exercising.

Some dream cast contestants: Kim You
Jung, Lee Yu
, NCT"s Jae


6 Idols/Actors Who Would Be Perfect For The Roles Of Lee Da
Rim & Yoon Ho
Young Alongside nam Yoon
Soo In The Upcoming Webtoon Based Drama "Borrowed Body"KDRAMA STORIESFeb 17, 2022

25. "Tomorrow" Dream Cast

Drama Summary: A drama about jobseeker, Choi Jun
Woong, who fell into a coma and ended up as a member of the Special Crisis Management Team of the underworld.

Some dream cast contestants:SF9"s Chani, Hwang In
Youp, Song Kang...


Here Are 6 Actors Who Would Be Perfect For The Role Of Lim Ryung
Ku In "Tomorrow" Alongside SF9"s Ro
Woon & Kim Hee

26. "Yumi"s Cells" Dream Cast

Drama Summary: It tells the relatable story of Yu
Mi an ordinary office worker in her 30s from the perspective of the cells of her head.

Some dream cast contestants:Lee Dong
Wook, Nam Joo


4 Korean Actors Who Would Be Perfect For The Role Of Shin Soon
Rok In "Yumi"s Cells"KDRAMA STORIESOct 5, 2021

27. "Itaewon Class" Dream Cast

Drama Summary: In an irrational world, the "hip" revolt of young people, who are united in stubbornness and courage, starts. Itaewon seems lớn have condensed all the world. In this little street, they are looking for their own freedom based on their values. "Itaewon Class" is their foundation legend. They mở cửa a food-related business.

Some dream cast contestants: Yoo Ah
In, Jang Ki


Find Out Koreans Desired Cast For Remake Of Webtoon “Itaewon Class”KDRAMA STORIESApr 23, 2019

28. "Lookism" Dream Cast

Webtoon Summary: It tells the story of an unattractive guy who by miracle started lớn have 2 different bodies, a handsome one and an unattractive one.

Some dream cast contestants: Park Bo
Gum, Nam Joo
Hyuk, Jay Park, Lee Jong


Find Out Koreans Desired Cast For Adaptation Of Popular Webtoon “Lookism”KDRAMA STORIESApr 30, 2020

29. "Princess Hours" Remake Dream Cast

Drama Summary: "Princess Hours" tells the romance between the crown prince & a commoner woman who got into an arranged marriage in an alternate universe where Korea is a constitutional monarchy.

Some dream cast contestants: Kim Hye
Yoon, Lee Jae
Wook, Hwang In
Yeop, Kim Woo


16 Actors Who Would Be Perfect In The Remake Of "Princess Hours" KDRAMA STORIESMar 5, 2021

30. "My Roommate Is A Gumiho" Dream Cast

Webtoon Summary: It is about a gumiho (Korean nine-tailed fox) and a girl that got linked lớn each other by accident. The girl got the gumiho"s fox orb (an orb at the origin of his power) in her body, they have lớn live together because he has khổng lồ protect the orb.

Some dream cast contestants: Kim Ji
Lee Dong
Wook, Seo Kang


5 Actresses That Would Be Perfect With Jang Ki
Yong In Webtoon Adaptation "A Falling Cohabitation"KDRAMA STORIESJun 11, 2020


Find Out Koreans Desired Cast For “A Falling Cohabitation” Webtoon Remake

31. "She Would Never Know" Dream Cast

Webtoon Summary: The story is taking place in a Korean leading fashion company. Hyun
Seung (Ro
Woon) is a new recruit of 7 months and a straightforward guy. Song
Ah (the lead actress) is his lovely sunbae & she is 1 year older than him. Jae
Shin (another male actor) is a team manager in the same company.Hyun
Seung has a one-sided love for Song
Ah. He got to see her kissing the team manager Jae
Shin. However, Hyun
Seung knows that Jae
Shin has a girlfriend & realizes that he is a cheater. Khổng lồ protect the girl he likes, Hyun
Seung decides to lớn tell her about it & also confesses his feelings. She asks Hyun
Seung khổng lồ pretend khổng lồ date her to take revenge on Jae

Some dream cast contestants: Lee Sung
Kyoung, Shin Se


5 Actresses That Would Be Perfect With SF9"s Ro
Woon In "Sunbae, Don"t Put On That Lipstick"KDRAMA STORIESMay 7, 2020

32. "Tale Of The Nine Tailed" Dream Cast

Drama Summary: It is the kích hoạt fantasy story of a nine-tailed fox (Gumiho) who settled down in the city & of the producer who chases after him.

Some dream cast contestants: Park Shin
Hye, Lee Sung


5 Actresses Who Would Be Perfect In The New Seasons Of "Tale Of The Nine Tailed"KDRAMA STORIESSep 28, 2021

33. "Sweet Home" Dream Cast

Webtoon Summary: It tells the story of a loner high school student who lost his family and the bizarre and shocking things that happened to him in his new flat.

Some dream cast contestants: Yang Se
, Woo Do
Hwan, nam Da


Find Out Koreans Desired Cast For "Sweet Home" Webtoon Remake

34. "Favorite Part" Dream Cast

Webtoon Summary: It tells the struggling romance of a woman name So Woo
Joo who has special tastes in men. So Woo
Jo -the main female character- easily falls in love with handsome men. She understands that she has special taste in men when she enters university. She likes only flower boys & doesn"t care about their personalities. Because of this, she has been in several dramatic relationships to lớn the point of ruining her life where the guy was using her for money or others. She started to mature with these experiences. So Woo
Jo has low self-esteem & a gloomy personality.

Some dream cast contestants: Kim Tae
Ri, nam Ji


Find Out Koreans Desired Lead Female Cast For Remake Of Webtoon “Favorite Part”KDRAMA STORIESApr 24, 2019

35. "Harry Potter" Dream Cast

Movie Summary: On his eleventh birthday, Harry Potter, a young boy, receives the revelation that he is the child of two mighty sorcerers who have passed away, & he possesses extraordinary magical abilities. Suddenly plucked from his unwelcome existence, he is beckoned khổng lồ join Hogwarts, a prestigious British wizarding school. In this enchanting place, he encounters a group of companions who become his dearest confidants and aid him in uncovering the enigmatic circumstances surrounding his parents" demise.

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Some dream cast contestants: nam giới Da
Reum, Kim Da


"Harry Potter" K-Celeb Dream Cast By Editors & Global Fans | Hallyu Lab